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Hi I'm Teresa!

My family and I would like to invite you into our kitchen to try a new recipe, learn a few tricks and most likely make a mess. My kids are often in the kitchen with me which often requires extra counter spray and Swiffer runs but the feelings I want them to remember are the laughs and joy we have doing it together.

I hope to encourage you to entertain in a way that involves your guests rather than putting a show on for them. The goal is for you to enjoy your own party and keep things real!

Along with cooking, kids and entertaining I'd like to bring you into our gardening adventures. We have a few small raised beds in the back yard but regardless of the size they bring lots of bounty and joy.

And last but not least, we will enjoy a few cocktail recipes. I love to cook with wine or a margarita on Taco Tuesday.


From the 1970's casserole to Thomas Keller's most fancy dish, I'm here for it all and thanks for joining.  


Thanks for stopping by!

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