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Margie's lollipop garden :)

It is a magical experience to go out to the garden and check out your lollipop garden each day, and then one of those days see your lollipops all grown and ready to be eaten. When you put the time in to taking care of your jelly beans, you'll get a amazing outcome of lollipops. To grow lollipops, you need to: Water them with SUGAR water EVRY day! Other wise your lollipops will not grow. The way to make sugar water is easy! Just put your sugar into a Tupperware and then put boiling water into it, just enough so that it covers the sugar. An important piece of info to know, is that to make sure your lollipops all get enough sugar in there water is to always pick an even number of jelly beans. Then, put half the number of spoonful's into your container and cover with boiling water. Then stir. The second thing is jelly beans! just pick out the flavors and plant them! Before you know it you'll have a garden of lollipops!

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